Travel Insurance With Golf Cover

Golf is a sport which is often combined with traveling. There are awesome golfing locations around the world. If you are one of the people who like to travel and play golf, you may want to consider taking a travel insurance with golf cover, even if you are only planning to play once or twice. Golf is usually seen as a safe sport, but the ball is hard and can cause a lot of damage if it hits other golfers or property. As you probably realize, one failed shot can cost you your entire holiday budget or more. When you have a good insurance, you can enjoy your hobby without having to worry about possible golf related accidents.

If you already have a holiday insurance, read the small print. Regular travel insurances do not always cover sports-related accidents, and as a golf player you want to be sure that your hobby is covered. That means both the game and your equipment.

What is a holiday insurance with golf cover?

The idea of ​​the extra coverage for golf is that you and your golf gear are protected above regular travel insurance benefits. If your travel insurance does not include the golf cover, you can usually buy it as a stand-alone product.

With a golfing insurance you can get features like:

  • Gear protection: if you have a golf insurance, your equipment will be protected against loss, damage or theft
  • Gear hire: if you have to hire equipment because your own gear got damaged or stolen, the insurance will cover the costs
  • Accident insurance for yourself: many people hurt themselves on the golf course and require medical help
  • Liability insurance: protection against you accidently hurting other people or damaging property
  • Green fees: if you can not play due to bad weather, sickness or an accident or have to cancel your holiday or go home sooner than expected, the insurance can cover the non-refundable green fees
  • Hole-in one protection: now, a hole-in-one is every players dream, but the tradition is that you are provided to offer drinks to everyone at the golf club. The insurance can cover the bill, which is especially useful if you are playing in some more expensive country in Europe

The actual benefits differ from one insurance company to another. When choosing a travel insurance with golf cover , make sure the policy actually covers everything you wanted it to. If you think something is missing, it is usually possible to get more features at a slightly higher cost.