Travel Insurance – A Real Need Or a Waste of Money?

Whenever somebody sets out to plan a holiday trip with a travel agency, they hear numerous times that they utterly need travel insurance before leaving. That it will be a big mistake if they do not get the insurance, and that they are an absolute necessity for your holidays. Is all this really true?

The first type of travel insurance an agent will try to sell you is health insurance. It is highly important that you find out if you really need it. Many insurance companies will insure you on other countries. In addition, there are some countries that have special health coverage agreements.

For example, in Europe there is a form called E111. If you fill out this form before traveling, you will be eligible to receive health coverage in any country in the European economic area, free of charge. Although dental, and private medical care are not included in this agreement, if anything should happen to you during your holiday you will be able to see a doctor at no cost.

A lot of people are purchasing travel insurance before going on an international holiday due to swine flu. However, many travel insurances do not cover for known events or pandemics. Since swine flu was declared a known event, you need to read carefully the fine print on your contract to verify if the insurance you are getting will cover for it.

The secondly most sold travel insurance is the one that covers for lost luggage. What most people do not know is the fact that most airlines offer you compensation for lost luggage, so there is no need for this type of insurance. This also applies to damaged luggage.

In addition, if you have an insurance company, they might also be able to cover for things like theft during holidays. So it is important that you talk to your insurance company before leaving to find out if they offer this kind of service to avoid spending money on something that you do not really need.

Regarding credit cards, many companies cover for stolen items of value, which were recently purchased. In this case, you will also need to call your credit card company to find out if they offer this type of insurance, since you may not need to purchase extra credit card travel insurance for your trip.

In the case that you do decide to purchase travel insurance, just make sure that you only purchase the insurance that you do need. Also read all fine print to learn the exceptions that may apply to your insurance coverage and to find out if there are any extra fees or deductibles that you should be aware of.