Travel Agencies in a Global Economy

Outsourcing of jobs has become all too common here for United States companies looking to save a buck. But one trend that saves the American consumer a great deal of money has been the outsourcing of travel agencies.

With travel agencies being opened up to the global economy, it gives consumers a greater choice in whom and where to purchase their products. No longer is a consumer forced to go with the local travel agent and eat the costs they give. The global economy keeps all the agents honest, providing a cheaper rate for those who are searching for a deal. The other issue that is very beneficial for an open and wide industry like this is the fact that international travelers may need to find brokers and agents that have deals with most any other airline.

Case in point, the local travel agent may only have deals with Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways but another travel agent, say from Tokyo, Japan, could have a deal with Japanese Airlines or Lufthansa. So this allows for even more cost savings by opening up more potential airlines for customers to purchase.

There is going to be a great deal of people in the United States shopping with travel agents from all over the world over the next several years as the cost of oil is driving up the prices of airlines in droves.

It has been stated by famous economist Peter Schiff that the airlines will be doubling the prices of their tickets but shrinking the size of their planes by half to ensure their imports are the same but the cost savings of gas prices in tact. Gasoline is hurting the airlines industry but taxes can help.