Top All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages in the United States

All inclusive honeymoon packages can be a great time saver and may even save you money, but many newlywed couples are under the impression that all inclusive resorts only maintain a presence in the Caribbean. This is simply not true. All inclusive honeymoon packages can be found around the world, including in the United States. Here are four top selections for all inclusive resorts in the United States.

1. Cove Haven Resorts- When you think of honeymooners hot tubbing in heart shaped Jacuzzis, you're thinking of Cove Haven Resorts. Cove Haven Resorts, formerly known as Caesars Poconos Resorts, has a long history of catering to couples who want to enjoy the fresh air of the Pennsylvania mountains on their honeymoon. Couples looking for a romantic and sensual all inclusive honeymoon package in the United States should consider any one of the three Cove Haven properties located in northeastern Pennsylvania. Each of these resorts boasts amazing amenities designed to get couples in the mood for romance ranging from champagne tower hot tubs to private in-room saunas. And yes, many rooms still feature those famous heart shaped hot tubs!

2. Kona Village- Many people are interested in an all inclusive honeymoon to Hawaii. If that's your dream, you only have one true choice, the Kona Village on Big Island. Although Kona does not have all the inclusions you may have come to expect from the Caribbean, the price of your package does include your meals and most activities. These activities can range from bamboo pole fishing to outrigger canoe explorations.

3. Blackberry Farms- This quiet country Tennessee outpost has been named the number one small hotel in the United States and has garnered some major culinary awards as well. It's rare to hear, "best food" and "all inclusive" in the same sentence together, but Blackberry Farms pulls it off and Zagat reports that the Blackberry has the second best hotel food offering in the entire country. If the food does not catch your eye, the romantic ambiance might. With romantic touches ranged from horse drawn carriage rides to individually appointed rooms and cottages, Blackberry Farms provides a one of a kind honeymoon package.

4. The Point- One of the most celebrated hotels in America, The Point offers the perfect all inclusive honeymoon package for those couples who want to get away from civilization for awhile. The Point only has eleven rooms and at times the hotel more resembles a grand home retreat where friends meet up. Every night there is hotel parties where you may meet other couples and share activities, drinks, or just conversation around the fireplace. A Michlen chef supervises all the dining, including top quality gourmet food during your stay. For such a small resort, The Point offers a surprising amount of sports and activities to keep visitors busy in any season.