Timeshares – What Does a Floating Week Mean?

Over the years timeshares and their developers have gone through extensive reforms. Originally a concept that just meant Vacation Property Rental has now turned into a vortex of new ideas and money making schemes. Timeshares are classified through many different categories, Floating week is despite the most controversial category of them all.

To properly understand what a Floating week really is we need to understand how timeshare weeks are really sold. Lets say that "Resort A" has 100 units (room's / suite's), As we already know that there are 52 weeks in a year meaning that each room can only be sold 52 times to be able to accommodate all guests on their given weeks, Making "Resort A" capable to sell 5200 units at $ XX amount. Here is where the Floating week actually comes in, The Resort Developers realized that this scenario leaves them sold out very quickly though killing the revenue generated through Timeshare sales. All the Giant resort developers decided to get together and basically give the Timeshare owners a "Resort A" a chance to give up their Fixed week at a certain resort to be able to enjoy their vacation at any of the other 600 resorts in the developers network . The resort gets to free up their sold rooms and the Timeshare owners receive to enjoy their vacation at different destinations year after year.

At a glance this all looks like an ideal situation. The Timeshare owner is not obliged to take vacation on the same dates or travel to the same location year after year. The only down side to this whole situation is that due to over booking of these resorts it is now next to impossible for the Floating week owners to reserve their stay at their desired location during their desired timings. The resort giants have turned this once a great concept of vacation partial ownership into a ruthless money making scheme. Paying for upgrades and getting through blackout dates is next to impossible.