Online Vacations

As those lazy days of summer slowly arrive, many people begin thinking about where they’d like to go for their next vacation. Some think big like trekking through the African desert on a 10-day safari. Others can skip the sun and sand, preferring a quiet getaway to a spa in Napa Valley.

Wherever your heart fancies a trip or weekend rendezvous to, there are many online travel agencies that make the planning stages of your vacation that much easier. Sure, you can still visit your traditional travel agency in the neighborhood strip mall. However, Internet agencies offer many more perks in your search for the perfect vacation experience.

Consider these benefits of booking a trip online:

  • You can search, compare and book travel destinations right at your desk.
  • Many Internet travel agencies offer online specials you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Most sites offer discounted travel packages including hotel, rental car and even flight.
  • Most travel sites offer 360-degree virtual tours of rooms and resorts.
  • You can choose to be billed online and actually print your reservation in seconds.
  • Some sites like Orbitz offer low-price-guarantees. This means that if Expedia has a lower deal on the Marriot room in Manhattan you have your eye on, they will match the price or give you difference.
  • The extensive database of flights and hotels make traditional trip-booking pale in comparison.
  • Many online travel sites subscribe customers up for free special offer email lists
  • Depending on where you’re vacationing, most travel sites will help you customize your vacation. Going to Orlando? These sites will offer you tickets for Disney, Universal, water parks and other local attractions.

Nothing beats booking your much-needed vacation from the convenience of your own computer. However, sometimes it’s hard to know where to go or what hotel to stay at for the duration of your visit.  By the way, if you need any help booking that Caribbean package, most travel sites have 24 hour customer support lines. We don’t think your corner travel agency offers this perk.