Oahu Tours

See Hawaii as you see it on TV on a half day tour at the famous North Shore. This place is the location of the most famous TV series: LOST, Fantasy Island, Baywatch …

Take the Oahu Circle Island Bus Tour to explore Oahu. This bus will take you to the most beautiful places in the island, you will discover the most diverse landscapes in a same place: hidden waterfalls, tropical rainforests, sunny beaches and volcanoes.

You will also learn about Oahu's history and legends.

Pearl Harbor is the most visited attraction at Hawaii. You can visit and learn, trough live narrations, about this historical location where many American soldiers loose their lives in that unexpected Japanese attack from.

But that's not all at the island of Oahu, you can go in a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center and ride in a double-hilled canoe through the villages of the South Seas.

If you are staying at Oahu but wants to visit another island, you can take the volcano tour at The Big Island. This tour includes a 40 minutes nature walk where you will see the most active volcano in the world – Kilawae.

This island offers lots of Oahu Tours , one better that the other. The Oahu Circle Island Bus Tour will show you hidden places of the island ,ides, you can learn about history; Pearl Harbor is a place you must visit, because part of The II World War history is at that place.

At the Polynesian Cultural Center you can travel across different lovely villas in a double canoe. Even you can visit another island (The Big Island) and the most active volcano in the world. Oahu is the place you should visit if you are looking for diverse activities, including laying at the sun.