Island Vacation Packages – Lifestyle Designs and Hot New Travel Clubs

Do you ever tell yourself I just need to book that exotic island vacation package I’ve always dreamed of? Which quickly turns into I just never find the time to getaway. It’s a common problem in today’s fast paced, hustle, fast food society. Too many times we simply don’t take enough time for ourselves, our family and friends.

We turn around look in the mirror and we are looking at a late thirties someone square in the face wondering, were did my life go? We remember in our teens and twenties we were much more adventurous and made more time to get away, but our thirties and beyond have been hijacked by our career, responsibilities, and playing catch up for some life mistakes. Our bright dreams of world travel get shelved with the news of junior on the way or a collapse in the American financial system.

Some hot trends emerging are sexy, affordable, vacation clubs which begin to paint the canvas of a lifestyle design. These clubs are founded on the concept of bulk wholesaling power. This is a business model used by companies like Costco or Sam’s Club. This same strategy is targeted towards the travel business which is a multi-trillion dollar industry. The vacation club builds a loyal membership base and goes out into world and uses bulk buying leverage to secure amazing deals on all kinds of vacations. These range from relaxing island vacation packages to affordable all inclusive vacation packages or just a quick weekend getaway.

They include all of the popular destinations like Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, and Australia. The more exclusive luxury clubs offer trips to exotic locations like Dubai, Fiji, Costa Rica, or Tahiti. These premier clubs also offer luxury packages to major sporting events like the Superbowl or the US Open golf tournament. Other packages feature high profile celebrity charity events where meeting and mingling with sports figures and celebrities is part of the experience. Being part of a club doesn’t guarantee a change in old habits but it at least gets us dreaming of the possibilities again.

I challenge you to start living the life of your dreams. Life is short and it is meant to be lived, so remember to love, be passionate, and go travel!