Hydraulic Boat Lift Systems

Boat lifts are one of the most useful equipments in the boating industry. They can be used for personal purposes and also for use for the entire boating community.

Boat lifts, as in the name, are used to lift and place boats in and out of the water. Some also serve the purpose of moving boats from one water level to another. They are also used to keep a check on the bottom of the boats to ensure that they are not dragged too far away from the water.

They come in many types of features and the combination of one or more of it makes it very useful equipment. Different type of hydraulic lift systems use different combination of features, that serves different purposes in boating industry. One of the most important features is its capacity.

Boat lifts can be custom made to include a capacity suitable for a particular purpose. The cost usually varies based on its capacity. The more the capacity the more it costs. They are usually anchored to water bed or some are parked on the land itself.

Boat lifts are manufactured in different sizes. The type used depends upon the size of the boats. A large one can accommodate small to larger boats, but if a small lift is used for large or heavy boats, it might get damaged.

Large boats that weigh several tons demands exclusive lifts that are made for this purpose. These are called electric dock boat lifts, handle very heavy objects like recessed transoms & sailboats. They can even be custom made for those hard to handle applications.

Similarly, there are boats that are used for water sports. A floating boat lift is used for this purpose, it easily lifts monitors, inflatables and PWC.

For simple small boats that carry people up to certain limit are typically called swim platforms. Infact, these lifts are basically flat cradle lifts that are designed to lift people directly, quickly & unfortunately out of water.