How to Get Free Plane Tickets

Despite all the negative press that the airline industry gets, the reality is that airline travel is an absolute miracle. Only 100 years ago, it was unthinkable to be able to travel to other states or countries in only a matter of hours. The downside of air travel is that it can often be expensive. If the cost was only a few dollars, we might do it much more often. Unfortunately, it typically costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are a few ways you can get airline tickets for free or for a heavily discounted price.

1. Frequent Flyer Programs

If you regularly spend money with your credit cards, why not get a little something back? Almost every major airline has a partnership with various credit card companies to give you free miles with every dollar you spend. It may not be technically "free", but by the end of the year you may have earned enough miles to take a trip to your favorite vacation spot.

2. Bonus Offers

Sometimes, when you buy an expensive item, you can get airline tickets for free. If you are about to buy a new TV, why not look to see who is offering free airline tickets as an incentive? Also, many hotels will give free tickets to their guests if they book for a long enough period of time. Sometimes if you sign up for a gym membership, the gym will award a pair of free tickets to one of their new members every month. Although you may not find them every time, it can be useful to look for offers like these when you can.

3. Raffles, Promotions, Contests, and Giveaways

Many business will hold a Grand Opening promotion, and some businesses do this on a recurring basis. They want to draw attention to their business, and they do this by offering free stuff like airline tickets. You can benefit by entering into these contests and promotions.

4. Book a Flight During the Busy Season

Airline pros who like to travel for free will often deliberately book their flights during the busiest times of the year. This is often during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Often, those flights will be over booked and airlines will offer people free money and free tickets to take the next flight. It is actually possible to be reimbursed for more cash than you actually paid for the ticket!