How to Find Hotels in Chattanooga Using Priceline

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Chattanooga, Priceline’s Name Your Own Price service is the place to find them. How does it work? Often, hotels have rooms which they’d like to sell off at discounted rates. Priceline connects customers who do not mind not knowing which hotel they’ll be staying in with these hotels.

Why do Priceline customers not know which hotel they’ll be staying in? Because, with Name Your Own Price, you bid for a particular zone(s) and a chosen star level. You only find out the exact hotel you’ll be staying in once your bid is accepted and your credit card is charged. Zones are simply neighborhoods which your hotel will be in.

Because Priceline allows you to bid for your hotels (Naming your own price as a result), the key to getting the very best prices is by rebidding. How do you rebid? By using “dummy” zones.

Once you type in Chattanooga in Name Your Own Price, along with your dates, you’ll notice that Priceline gives you 6 zones from which to select:

Chattanooga Airport (CHA): 3-Star Upscale

Chattanooga South: 2-Star Moderate

Downtown Chattanooga: 31⁄2-Star Upscale-Plus

Hixson: 21⁄2 Moderate-Plus

Lookout Mountain: 21⁄2 Moderate-Plus

Ringgold, GA: 2-Star Moderate

For each of the given zones I typed the highest star level available

Priceline allows you to rebid immediately after a failed bid if you change something about your search criteria. Otherwise, you can rebid after 24 hours. I assume that you want to keep everything the way it is. But how can we get immediate rebids if we don’t want to change anything about the search criteria? You change your zone criteria by adding zones which have a lower maximum star level than the one you are bidding on. Say you want to stay in a 3-Star Upscale hotel in the Chattanooga Airport zone.

Your first bid is rejected. You can rebid if you add a zone which has a maximum star level lower than your chosen 3-Star Upscale star level. For your next bid, you can include 2 zones, the Airport zone and the Lookout Mountain zone, for a total of 2 zones. Because 3-Star Upscale hotel is your chosen star level, you know you won’t end up staying in the Lockout Mountain zone because its maximum star level is 21⁄2 Moderate-Plus. Lookout Mountain is a “dummy” zone, which you’ve used to bid again! Of course, there are many more “dummy” zones available and thus immediate rebids for cheap hotels in Chattanooga!