How to Find Cheap Plane Tickets – 5 Tips For Cheap Travel

Anyone who is planning a vacation is usually going to be on the lookout for cheap plane tickets, unless you plan to drive of course. But in this day and time, most people fly to their vacation destinations, and low cost airfare is a high priority.

But how can you travel cheap and find these great deals? Does not it seem like everyone and their brother can find these excellent airfare bargains except you? I am always listening to my friends yammer on about what a super price they got on some airplane ticket or another.

Well here are 5 tips you can use to give you some help on how to find cheap plane tickets:

1. Start your search early. Do not wait till the last minute because most of the bargains will be gone by then. Try to look more than 2 weeks prior to your trip.

2. If you do happen to procrastinate and are into that 2-week period before your trip, wait till the final week or even the final few days and try and find a last-minute deal. The airlines really want to fill those seats so if it comes down to the final hours and they have a bunch open they may offer them at a lower fare.

3. Try the smaller carriers rather than the huge companies. It does not always work out that way, but usually they are cheaper.

4. Try calling the airline company instead of searching online. Sometimes you'll be able to get a great deal by talking to someone at the counter instead of just using the computer.

5. Visit a brick and mortar travel agency. This means you have to actually log off the computer and drive somewhere, but the people who work there are pros and they can very easily find a better deal for you than you yourself will be able to dig up. It's worth a try anyway!