Hidden Gems of Utah only locals know about

We all know that the USA is a country that stays ahead in almost everything that the majority of the countries in the world and most of its popularity is derived from this particular reason. People do wish to visit the USA to experience a great lifestyle, witnessing those sky-scraping buildings, nightlife that is the best, and everything that presents the modern world the best way. But, have you ever thought of looking for a place in this very country that is far from the modern city life and is close to nature? Well, you might have not thought of it, but there are a lot of states and places in the USA that are famous for housing the best part of nature like Utah. Utah is a state located on the western part of the country and boasts of nature and wilderness. You can easily avail Utah lodge rentals to have an amazing vacation there.

The state is rising to the popularity for housing some of the best natural wonders. Housing 5 national parks and 43 states parks, there is a lot for tourists to enjoy here. There are many sports activities as well for tourists so that they can explore their adventurous sides. But, every place is more than just what they are most talked about and there is always some hidden beauty which not many are aware of except for locals. So today, we will list down the places that are the hidden gems in Utah and are equally beautiful.


  • Meadow Hot springs, Meadow

Meadow Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful places yet a hidden one present in Utah. It is located in the middle of a huge field and nestled amongst the mountain views. The colourful hot pools stay hidden by the swaying prairie grass and they make them invisible until you visit the springs yourself. Also, there are no signs put on board so people generally drive by. The beauty and hot springs make the best combination to experience. As the place is not explored much, you will have to take the help of locals for getting right directions.


  • Snow Canyon Lava Tubes, Ivins

Snow Canyon Lava Tubes is another amazing yet lesser known places in Utah. It is nestled amongst the hills located closer to a popular rental. You can climb up to the sand dunes where you can witness scribbling and writing from the early settlers. You can climb further to reach the red-rock cliffs. But, the stunning secret is taking place underground below the piles of black lava rock.


  • Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument, Monticello

Utah is a place where the mixture of Native America and Old West History is reflected and there is one place where the ancient petroglyphs are present, Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument. One can see hundreds of these ancient petroglyphs and that is spread on an area of 200-foot rock. The native Americal petroglyphs date back to more than 2000 years. Here, along with witnessing the petroglyphs, you can also enjoy the wilderness.

  • Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork

Don’t be surprised by the presence of a temple in the state because you can find temples all across the world and not only in India. Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple is one such temple which is located in Utah. It is one of the lesser known places because of the Hindu faith, and not many wish to visit here, but it is a place that is worthy of your visit. You can explore Hindu traditions here and every year, the festival of Holi is organized here which is one of the major festivals of Hindu.


  • Kolob Canyons, New Harmony

Zion National Park is one of the famous attractions in Utah and almost every tourist visits here to experience the grand beauty of nature. But there is also one place that is equally beautiful but is lesser known and most of the times is overlooked by the tourists, Kolab Canyons. Kolab Canyons is located in the northern part of the park and receives a lesser number of tourists. Here, you can take up hiking in the forested canyons and can witness the earlier settlers’ cabins. There are also cave walls in the Double Arch Alcove.


  • Edge of the Cedars State Park, Blanding

Edge of the Cedars State Park is one stunning place to make a visit, but it is comparatively lesser known. It is located on the Southeastern part of Utah. The park is stretched far across the desert and this canyon was once the home for Anasazi community and they are said to be the ancient tribes belonging from North America. At present, this park has preserved the ruins of the Anasazi. You must check out the huge collection of the ancient Puebloan relics and pottery.


  • Metaphor: The Tree of Utah, Wendover

While you will be travelling to the west side on the Interstate, you will spot a flat desert and there will be an emerging image of the cartoon-like tree sculpture which is named as “Metaphor,” the “tree of Utah.” The sculpture is unique and was created in the 1980s. One can see the emerging figure even from a distance.

These are some of the lesser known attractions in Utah, but they have all the reasons to be visited.