Hawaiian Vacation – 3 Things to Help Prepare

When I lived in Hawaii, I learned about all the tourist mistakes. It seems people go to Hawaii with ideas of sun tanning, surfing, and have a great time. However, they do little to prepare to make sure this happens. Well, here is a list of things you need to do before you travel to Hawaii.

Prepare Your Body for the Sun

You do not want to go to Hawaii just to get a sunburn on the first day. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than being sore all over. However, you can prep your body for the direct rays of the sun. They are much stronger in Hawaii so you need to prepare.

The easiest way to prep your body is with going to a tanning salon. You can purchase a month subscription for around $20. The month before you go, start out slow and build up until you can stay the whole 20 minutes.

Know the Islands Attractions

Hawaii is actually a group of islands. Chances are you will only be going to one. Most people go to Oahu and Maui. Some people go to the big island and others go to Kauai.

· Oahu – Is known for its beautiful beaches. You will find Waikiki, North Shore, Sunset Beach, and the Bonsai Pipeline. During winter, you can whale watch, watch surfing competitions and see beautiful waterfalls. Diamond Head is also here. It is an inactive volcano you can climb with spectacular views. You will also find Pearl Harbor here.

· Maui – This island is generally where honeymooners go. It is romantic and fun. It is also the only island with zip lines. You can see the islands from an aerial view by checking them out. If you like waterfalls, then you will have your best chance here.

· The Big Island – Here you have a unique opportunity to see the Kilauea Volcano. It is the only island with an active volcano you can see up close.

· Kauai – You can go horseback riding and it is the best place to see tons of waterfalls. The Kipu Falls is not only a beautiful waterfall but it will allow you to swim in it too!

Tips to Stay Safe

Like everywhere else in the world, tourist fall victim to crime. One of the easiest things to do is take a backpack with you. You will want to leave your purse, wallet and all valuables in your hotel safe. A small backpack is perfect to carry required money (credit cards are best) and your ID.

You will also want to get a small waterproof container to wear around your neck. You can get these at dive shops, camping shops, and other outdoors stores. When you go to the beach, take nothing except your ID, credit card, and some cash. Everything should fit in the waterproof container. Additionally, cheap flip-flops are a must in case they get lost on the beach. You just don’t want to wear expensive shoes to the ocean. Better yet, get aqua shoes to protect your feet from the reef.

Follow these three tips and your Hawaiian vacation will be a blast. Good luck and Mahalo.