Hawaii Vacations Elvis Style

Blue Hawaii is a 1961 musical film that is set in the state of Hawaii and which stars Elvis Presley as the leading man. It is based on a character named Chad Gates, who has just gotten out of the army and who is happy to be back in Hawaii with his girlfriend and best buddies. He ends up going to work as a tour guide at his girlfriend's agency, and one of the best parts of the entire film, besides the King himself of course, is the beautiful Hawaiian backdrop.

Most of the film was shot on location at the Coco Palms Resort on the East shore of Kauai. Besides Presley, the primary cast featured Joan Blackman, Angela Lansbury, Nancy Walters, Jenny Maxwell, and Pamela Austin. There was also a long list of legendary recording musicians who contributed to the film, besides Presley this included The Surfers, The Jordanaires, Hank Garland, Bernie Lewis, Floyd Cramer, DJ Fontana, Boots Randolph, George Field, and Fred Tavares.

Besides the movie Blue Hawaii that we all know and love, there are also some other world-famous Blue Hawaii's.

Blue Hawaii Vacations

The Blue Hawaii Vacations Company for instance, which is located on the beautiful island of Maui. Their vacation company began over a decade ago and since that time they have worked incredibly hard, and now sit in one of the leading positions in terms of vacation companies in Hawaii.

They offer a variety of different flights, cruises and package deals, one in particular being the Tahitia Vacations, with which you will sail in the French Polynesia on the Tahitian Princess, which features more than two thirds of the ship's cabins with balconies and a variety of different dining and entertainment options.

The Blue Hawaii Vacations Company can help you with all of your Hawaii vacation needs, and they feature Hawaii air and hotel packages, Hawaii air and car packages, Hawaii hotel and car packages and Hawaii hotel and condo packages. They guarantee that they will give you the best service at the very lowest price, and they value your Hawaiian vacation just as much as you do and strive to ensure that you will have the most enjoyable time.

Regardless of which particular Blue Hawaii comes to mind when you hear the name, either way it is something wonderful and Hawaii itself is one of the most beautiful, exotic locations in the world, definitely one that you should make sure to check out if you have not already.