Discount Plane Ticket Prices – Save Big Money Every Time You Fly!

While most people would love to get discount plane ticket prices when they travel, not many know how to do it. Even veteran travelers make mistakes & pay more than they should. Read on to learn how to get discount plane ticket prices every time you travel!

Keep in mind that most of the secret to getting discount plane ticket prices is understanding the law of supply & demand as it pertains to airline flights. Because of the limited number of seats on each flight, the supply remains reliably fixed. It is on the demand side of the equation that you can take advantage of discount plane ticket prices.

One way you can get a discount is to book your flights way in advance. By doing this, you are giving the airlines the time they need to plan the flight. In exchange, they will give you a better rate. You are also buying earlier in the process when there are more seats available, allowing you the possibility for a discount plane ticket.

A second way to get discount plane ticket prices is to book your flight at an inconvenient time. Do not have a problem with your flight leaving at midnight or 5:30 in the morning? The airline will discount your ticket for flying at a time when it is more difficult to sell tickets. The worst time to fly is between the "banker's hours" of 8 am & 5 pm. In addition to all of the travelers who want to fly these hours, these are also the most common hours for business flights. Businesses write their tickets off as a tax deduction, & are not as worried about paying full price for tickets. Take them out of the equation by flying outside of business hours.

One final way to get discount plane ticket prices is overlooked by the majority of travelers, & it is a shame because it costs them huge sums of money every year. It makes the airline huge extra profits they would not otherwise earn. Once you have booked your ticket, continue to monitor the price online even after you have made the purchase. Many times the price will drop before your flight. If this happens with your flight, call the airline & ask for a refund of the difference. They will happily do this, but only if you ask. This one tip could save you hundreds of dollars a year if you are a frequent flyer.