Cheap Last Minute Travel

There is nothing more exciting than opening your e mail inbox and seeing that you can jump on a 4 day 3 night trip to Hawaii, Orlando, New York, San Diego, or many other destinations for cheap. This si the beauty of cheap last minute travel. Here is how it works.

Large travel sites like expedia,, priceline, hotwire, and others will sell last minute packages that usually include airfare and hotels for really cheap. I have seen packages go for as little as a couple hundred per person including airfare and hotel stay. These packages usually range from 3 day, 2 night stays to full week stays.

You have to be willing to be flexible with your time frame and destination, though, if you are going to travel last minute. These deals usually have you leaving within a week of books so you need to be able to get vacation time or time away from whatever you do to take advantage of these deals.

Cheap last minute travel is a great option, especially this year because of the gas prices. Airlines are going to want to book each and every flight they can to full capacity and hotels never want to have vacant rooms. They will be more than willing to give last minute travelers the discounts they have to squeeze every last penny out of each flight. After all the plane is going to go to the destination regardless of whether there are 10 people on it or 200 and which do you think the airlines would prefer?