Cheap Flights – Top 3 Destinations in Asia This Holiday Season

Cheap flights are still possible in this time of economic downturn. As Euro keeps on rising against dollar, vacations and holidays in Paris is fast becoming a second choice for most travelers. There are countries in Asia where they actually maintain favorable exchange rates. Especially in East Asia, you do not have to worry about currency markets. In Asia, there are a number of places where you can get great deals and cheap flights with no booking fees.

To help you decide on the best place to spend your holiday, here are the top 3 destinations in Asia where you don’t have to break your budget.

1. Hongkong- Hongkong in particular is one of the top Asian destinations you can go to. Traveling in this country is not cheap but you’ll get your money’s worth and your dollar will surely go far. You can check-in at Le Meridian hotel where you can get harbor view rooms at $200 per night.

2. Vietnam- If you are looking for cheap flights this season, Vietnam is one of the countries you can visit without splurging your savings. They can offer you affordable prices at the finest hotels like Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Thailand- Bangkok is considered as the shopping haven of Thailand. Also it offers tourists a variety of ethnic and exotic attractions. Cheap flights are available in Thailand, so you can enjoy shopping even more!

To make your dream holiday a reality, take advantage of online travel portal that offers no booking fess. This way, you can save a lot of money to spend on your holiday with your family and friends. Cheap flights, hotel accommodation and car hire are available all in one website. You can also compare prices on different packages, hotels and airlines at no extra charge. Now you can have a worry free vacation!

If you are a would-be vacationer, who wants to unwind this coming holiday season, Asia is a perfect place to keep your budget low. And to make it easier for you, try getting the services of online travel portals. They will absolutely get the most affordable and cheap flights this holiday season just for you.