Cheap flights to Goa

The Europeans arrived in Goa in 1498, led by Vasco Da Gama, who had landed in what is today known as Old Goa. The journey took almost a year and was accompanied by several hardships, including turbulent weather, hostile natives and many dangerous diseases. Thankfully, the times have changed. The duration between planning a trip and relaxing at Vagator Beach, with a coconut drink in hand is just a click away. Yes, Flying to Goa has never been so easy before. As more and more European and American tourists plan their Goa holidays, many operators are offering extremely cheap flights to Goa to cash in on the tourism boom.

Goa is a natural paradise in India and one of its most popular tourist destinations. The region was long under Portuguese authority, and the Portuguese culture is prevalent in Goanese culture even today. The small state is bordered by the Arabian Sea on the west, and has some of the best beaches in the world. The most famous beaches of Goa include the Vagator, Baga, Dona Paula, Miramar, Palolem, and Calangute. Some of the best hotels and beach resorts are located on or close to these beaches. The beaches attract numerous foreign tourists and one will come across many old couples and groups having a good time around the beaches. The laidback life style of the city is just perfect for an ideal leisurely vacation. Panjim is the commercial center of Goa as well as the state capital.

Goa is also a major center of Christian pilgrimage in India. There are many famous and important churches all over Goa, the most predominant of them being the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which preserves the body of St Francis Xavier. Beside the churches, Goa has some beautiful forts and temples. The Aguada Fort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa.

The cheap flights to Goa have played a major role in the growth of Goa tourism in the last decade. The airlines flying to Goa have realized the vast potential of this sector, and encouraged by the increasing passenger numbers, have slashed down prices. The major airlines flying to Goa are Jet airways, Air India, and British airways. Theses airlines carry passengers to Goa via other important cities near Goa like Mumbai.

Traveling from United Kingdom to Goa has been made very easy, thanks to the chartered flights available from various airports around the country including Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester. The chartered flights are very convenient for group holidays and can be booked even at a short notice, providing flexibility to the tour plans. However, it is advised to book in advance during the peak season, which is between October and March. Many chartered flights are available to Goa from the Netherlands, Germany and the Scandinavian countries as well. These flights are operated by private tour operators and offer a good alternative to the regular airlines. These flights drop passengers directly to Dabolim airport, thus saving time for the passengers. These flights have fixed departure dates and time, and are usually cheaper than regular flights.

The availability of cheap flights to Goa including chartered flights has made it easy for the Europeans to plan their Goa holidays. Flying to Goa from Europe has become a hassle free affair, thanks to the price slashes effected by the airlines.