Airline Tickets

One can significantly lower the price of airline tickets, if one knows the right way to search at right places and at right time. We all know the online is the best source to find and compare the airfares but more often than not one can get good deals on air tickets buying through the traditional travel agents. Most of the consolidators have good web presence and offer many wholesale discounted airfares both during low and high seasons.

Many a times Airlines itself come out with promotional fares to help fill up their unsold vacant seats. Calling the airlines directly or checking on their websites may give you an overall idea about the price range, availability of seats and about the different destinations or even vacation packages besides cheap tickets.

Business travelers or corporate travelers can afford to buy last minute and pay higher prices as the business is paying for it. But passengers flying for leisure/holiday normally buy their airline tickets much in advance. Buying two to four months at times during high seasons is pretty normal. All airlines know this and as such often set their prices based on customer preferences and travel needs.

Airlines prefer to offer cheap airfares much in advance and would like to fill up all their seats and that’s the reason it is often recommended to buy low fare tickets early to avoid chances of losing lowest airfares. As soon as certain percentage of low fares seats are sold out, most airlines push up the prices of airline tickets higher in view of the increased demand.

Certain airfares that are popularly known as excursions, discounts, or supersaver fares have many travel restrictions. Most require Saturday night stay and one has to buy at least 7 to 21 days in advance. Airlines term these airline tickets as non-refundable, non-endorsable and non-changeable tickets.