Airline Tickets – Top 10 Tips For Backpackers

Finding the right ticket can be tricky. Here is some practical advice on purchasing airline tickets:

1. There can be a huge difference in price for an airline ticket dependent on where it is bought, so it is worth to shop around. There are several sites on the Internet which compare the best price for a particular itinerary. They are sometimes restricted to only citizens or residents of a particular country; Use a search engine to find a suitable one for your country.

2. These days there are many budget airlines around such as budget and ETN. Check them out to find out if there are any budget airlines flying to your destination. Note that the budget airline's definition of Paris and Barcelona may mean an 80 minute bus ride to the center of the city.

3. Some airlines offer bundles where you get a number of domestic flights if you buy the international flight with them. This can be great value.

4. If you are traveling for a longer period of time you can check out round-the-world tickets which can be of great value but often have restrictions eg you must keep flying in the same direction and can not go back.

5. It may be cheaper to go to typical business destinations during holidays and holiday destinations during low season.

6. If you think that your plans may change look what the fine print says about cancellations and rebooking.

7. Some countries require you to have a return ticket in order to let you into the country. If you plan on entering by air and leaving the country by land this can be a problem.

8. If you are on a special diet make sure to communicate this when booking and also during check-in.

9. If you miss your flight because you arrive late at the airport or because you mix up the dates of your flight you may be allowed to take another flight either or for a charge without having to buy a new ticket. It all depends on your airline so try to put on your sorriest face when you go there.

10. Check with your airline if you need to reconfirm your ticket a few days before you go back.

Mohammed has 10 camels. He sells 12 camels. The first people to collect their camels get them. As the last two persons come to collect their camels Mohammed says "Sorry but sometimes people buy camels and do not collect them so I sell some camels twice. I will get some new camels next week: you can get this chewing Gum as compensation. " This is exactly what airlines do. They sell more tickets than they have seats expecting that some people will not show up. Well sometimes too many people show up which means that some people get bumped off the flight. To make sure that person is not you reconfirm your flight and show up early at the airport. If you are bumped off the flight you can get compensation, assistance, food and hotel paid for. If you are not in a hurry you can even volunteer to give up your seat for compensation.

Frequent flyer programs

Frequent flyer programs allow you to collect bonus points which can be used in exchange for flights or other services such as hotel rooms or rental cars. Airlines use these programs to create loyalty among travelers and give them incentives for booking with them even though other airlines may offer better rates. Many passengers end up never using their bonus points so think twice before buying a more expensive flight just because you have a frequent flyer card with the airline. There are usually a very limited amount of seats available for frequent flyers so if you plan to use your miles make sure you book well in advance.