Short Term Rentals And Its Impact on Communities in Dubai

Short term rental is a famous concept of leasing your property for a short period of time in order to make some extra cash. Likewise other parts of the world, it is a booming industry as more and more properties are taking part. If we specifically talk about dubai, short term rental has taken over long term rental plan. Millions of tourists are visiting dubai to enjoy its luxury and entertaining life. Short term rental providers are getting benefits from this massively profitable market by offering their apartments/villas for short term rent. 

When dubai holiday homes idea was introduced a few years back, all the real estate experts knew that this will become a huge thing in the future. As of now, short term rental properties are empowering the residents of dubai to make extra cash on their used or unused properties. Platforms like Airbnb and dubizzle are industry-leading by having the largest database of rental properties. In this article, we will try to find out the ways short term rentals are impacting our societies. Here you can find Short term rental Dubai based company that will help you out and consult about all short term rental properties.

Taking Part In Economy Growth

Short term rental is impacting the economic growth in a positive way. The government can collect more tax on the revenue these properties generated in the form of rent. I think short term lease  properties provides 3 major benefits:

  • Tenants Save Money – This is a cheaper form of accommodation if we compare it to conventional lodging like hotels. It is also more spacious than the hotel space and tenants can feel more home like feeling while living there. 
  • Empower Owners – A great way to make extra cash on your unused property. Just register your property on the biggest property rental platform and start receiving inquiries. There is one more benefit in it for the owner is that it will improve your business and negotiation skills. You will learn things like customer support and satisfaction. It will help you to interact with the guests to know about their culture and traditions.  On a personal level, it will surely groom your personality.
  • Community Benefit – Nearby community will also get benefit from short term rentals as guests can spend money on different amenities around the property whether they are restaurants, grocery shops or shopping outlets. 

Despite dubai real estate is facing slow progress, holiday home or vacation rentals are doing great business. Overall short term renting is adding good revenue into economic growth. 

Impact on Neighbours Life

It is not wrong to say that neighbors are the one who suffers due to short term rental properties. Loud noise, parties, parking space and density of guests are some of the problems that neighbors have to face. Community peace, safety and quality are declining through vacation rental. In some parts of the world, people have raised their voices and request the government to limit these rental properties to designated …

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Plan Your Travel Itinerary on the Spot with an International SIM Card

When you are planning your vacation, you mostly plan everything perfectly before you set off. However, once you are there, a lot of newfound things grab your attention, luring you to change your plans which might not be possible at that point. At such times, having some flexibility in your travel plans is always good. So what actually is it that stops us from going impromptu? There are many reasons for that.

 One of the biggest reasons why people plan their trip perfectly is to make sure they are reachable by their family and friends back home. As many of them are traveling without cell phones, they have to provide details of where they will be staying. Another reason is because arranging a trip after reaching their destination can be difficult without a cell phone or an internet connection at hand.

 While people might think that carrying their cell phone can solve all these problems, the problem remains which cell phone service would work perfectly abroad. Even if you get international roaming activated on your cell phone, the frequency differences in various countries can leave your phone useless once you land there. Moreover, using your own cell phone abroad would mean coming back to hefty phone bills due to the extremely high prices charged when using international roaming services.

 However, there is one ideal solution that can easily give you the freedom of planning your trip just the way you like it; buying international cell phone rental. An international SIM card allows you to carry your phone with you everywhere while you are traveling abroad without having to worry about poor network or mounting bills. All you have to do is to provide your family with the number of your new SIM and you can stay connected to them no matter where you decide to head off.

 The biggest advantage of getting international cell phone rental while travelling abroad is the ability to stay connected with everyone, not just back home but even locally. With the right data roaming capacity available on your cell phone, you can easily look up major tourist attractions in the area right there and then and make reservations at local accommodations using your phone. This allows you to use your phone to the maximum without paying excessively for the services.

 So, make sure when you travel abroad the next time, you have a local SIM card at your hand. You can research international SIM cards before leaving for the place over internet and grab the right one before you leave. This way, you can provide your family with contact details right away and start planning your trip ahead.

 However, make sure you don’t end up buying something that is considered to be expensive even locally. If you don’t research well, you can end up with international cell phone rental that is not optimal while you had the choice to select far more affordable options. Usually, it is advised that SIMs should not be purchased from …

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