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The Many Benefits of the 3D Printing Pen

One popular technology that has entered the market recently is the 3D printing pen. There are some companies who has recently released a commercially available printer, which is affordable enough for most buyers, but this needs a fair amount of expertise in computer.

The 3D printing pen uses strips of plastic which melts and then extrudes through its tip, which is most often used for arts and for slightly handier works. But this is still on its funding stage, but already it has passed its $30,000 goal for about 435%. Such technology advancement will soon hit stores before you know it, which in fact is why I will provide you with some of the reasons why more and more people loves the 3D printing pen.

It comes with different uses

The 3D printing pen can actually draw or trace on templates, in the air or free hand. This is however just the start of it. This can also be used to weld plastics, customize your phone cases or in sketching prototypes. This still not available to the public yet, which is why they're still tons of possibilities to which it could be used for.

It's More Than a Toy

The 3D printing pen manufacturers wants to make it clear that this is not the kind of pen which is meant for anyone who is still under 12 years old. This would be because of the fact that the tip of the device melts the plastic as it comes out and it's temperature could get to 518 degrees Fahrenheit. When the plastic exits the device, it has a warm temperature but it's cool enough for you to touch.

It's Eco-friendly

You could actually use two kinds of plastics for the 3D printing pen. You can use the 3 millimeter ABS or PLA plastic and both of them comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. PLA is biodegradable, which makes it an easier choice for people who have a bent for environmental consciousness. The ABS on the other hand, is not a biodegradable option but it comes with its own advantages when it comes to printing.

It's Very Simple to Use

There's no need for you to undergo any training classes. You don't actually need any computer in order to use it because you just need to load in the plastic, hit it up and then start using it. With such feature, it makes it an easy sell towards people who doesn't want to invest a huge amount of time and money into getting a full-scale 3D printer and having to undergo training for coding skills.

This is also Fast

The pen just needs to heat up in one or two minutes and it is then ready to draw. Due to the fact that everything will be created through the use of the device in real time, it's much faster compared to any conventional 3D printers. It's also is much cheaper.

These are only few of the many benefits and advantages with the 3D printing pen and it's still possible that there are still so many marvelous things that we could discover with it.

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