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Importance of Auto Glass Repair or Replacement Manufacturing the windshield glass fount in front of our vehicles is done by gluing together two layers of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyrate in-between. For several purposes the layer in between the two glass layers serve as a glue and seal. The most important purpose though is to maintain its soundness in the event of a mishap, windshields should less likely shatter during that occurrences. Many times, vehicle owners immediately start to look for a replacement when the windshield glass gets damaged. However, in this situation, the best option for vehicle owners is to simply have the cracked windshield repaired, and the reason why most of them are not aware of this is that most insurance companies only offer coverage for windshield replacement which is very costly and mostly difficult to find. Today, however, the picture has changed, and most insurance companies now give coverage to windshield repair instead of replacement. As long as the damage is controlled and in a small location with minimal cracks then a repair is often the easiest and most cost effective solution. The cost of repairing your auto glass is very low and it is even far less that the deductible amount for the replacement of your auto glass by insurance companies. For as low as $50 you can have your auto glass good as new, that is, if the crack or chip is a single or small one. $15 each after the first additional chips or cracks are also typically charge, and $150 for larger ones. This is quite a small amount compared to paying around $10000 for a brand new replacement.
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Accidents happen and one's windshield gets damaged from it and this we cannot stop from happening, but there are ways that you can reduce the possibility of getting a chip in your windshield. This includes avoiding from following a vehicle too close by and staying as far as 6 cars lengths behind from gravel or other loose debris hauler trucks.
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But just the same, when repairing them is not possible, if you're facing a large number of chips that look like you were involved in a shootout, if the cracks exceed 6 inches, if the chip is a large bulls eye bigger than a quarter and if the larger damaged area is in front of the driver, then it may be a better idea to simply have them replace to stay safe. Speaking about repairing your windshield, do not trust your auto glass repair or replacement to just anyone. After repair the windshield should be restored with maximum visibility and safety; in other words, in perfect condition. Poor quality repairs can lead to more damage and potential injury in an accident.