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Leaderships in South Africa- Top 6 Traits in Political Candidates

It is true that the political party that one supports will be a great deciding factor of whether he or she gets elected or not. So, the love for a certain political outfit supersedes the need to evaluate the candidate based on other important traits. For a few wise persons, however, electing a certain candidate is only possible after looking at his or her unique traits. Here are 6 leadership qualities that a good government leader must possess at all times.

The campaign period is one that is characterized by promises of what the person will do once he or she is elected. So, ensure to keep a keen eye to distinguish between promises that are idealistic and realistic in nature. If not, many of the promises will remain unfulfilled, several years after the person assumes office. The ability of a political candidate to keep his or her word is a rare trait but it forms the foundation of all other qualities.

A good political leader understands that there are differences of opinion and tries to find a middle ground. Since people come from differing backgrounds and have varying influencers, there will always be someone who holds a dissimilar opinion. Consequently, these differences are expected even after the elections where they form the forces behind the opposition. The good thing about differing opinions is that people are introduced to new ways of looking at things, and that is what leads to the choice of the best alternatives that are before them.

Voters everywhere are looking for honest leaders because the trait is a rare one. Most of the people who are vying for office will just say anything to get votes, though they know deep down that the information is filled with falsehoods. On the other hand, a truthful leader knows that he or she might lose an election, but he or she will never tell lies to the public.

Independence is a critical trait of any government or political leader. Most are just puppets in that they work for foreign nations or certain powerful businesspersons. To identify an independent person, find out where the campaign cash is coming from or listen to his or her speeches to determine if they are leaning on a particular side.

It is tough to find a government leader who admits whenever he or she makes a mistake. Most of the time, you will hear of finger-pointing, which will stagnate the process of finding a solution because it will be impossible to find the source of the problem under consideration. A great leader will admit where he or she is wrong, and even step down if needed because the purpose of the whole is more important that political self-interests.

Finally, a great political leader is not selfish. However, a good number of politicians just want to get the best of government contracts or carry out their illegal trades without challenges from other parties. Also, there are those who wish to retain power until the end of their lives and are willing to alter the constitution to make their wishes come true.