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Park City is well known for its three world class ski resorts. No matter where you stay in Park City, Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, and The Canyons are just minutes away. All three resorts offer fantastic skiing and Park City Mountain Resort and The Canyons offer snowboarding as well. Park City is known for its wintertime sports, but it is also a great summertime destination. Park City's high altitude location means lower temperatures than down in the valley and days full of sunshine and clear air. 

There is a lot to do in the summer in Park City and the surrounding area. All three ski resorts offer lift served hiking and mountain biking. The Canyons also has a disc golf course on its slopes and Park City Mountain Resort has an alpine slide, zip line, coaster and various other outdoor amusements.  Deer Valley is well known for its summer concert series.   The Olympic Park has an alpine slide, zipline and of course the Olympic Bobsled Run. Rides on the bobsled run are available both in the winter and summertime.  

There is plenty of nature to experience in Park City. The area offers many hiking and biking trails. Bike rentals are available at all three ski resorts as well as Whitepine Touring and other sporting goods locations. If you wish to explore farther afield for hiking and biking there are many scenic drives in the local area. One is the drive up to Empire Pass at the top of Deer Valley. You can take either the scenic back way into Midway or continue on up the dirt road to Guardsman's Pass (only open in the summer and early fall). There are several trails on Guardsman's Pass including the ridgeline which offers fantastic views. Continue driving down the other side of the pass leads into Big Cottonwood Canyon. Both Brighton and Solitude ski resorts are located in Big Cottonwood Canyon as well as Silver Lake which is an easy summer hike and fishing area and in the winter is part of Solitudes Nordic Center's cross-country ski trails. Solitude Ski resort offers an 18 hole disc golf course on their slopes for summer fun. Another great drive is State Route 150, (locally known as Mirror Lake Highway) through the Uinta Mountains. There are numerous lakes located along the highway for hiking or fishing. The Provo Falls makes a great place to stop and explore.  


For golfers Park City and the surrounding areas offer both public and private courses.   Park City's public course is conveniently located right in town. There are other public courses located within about a 20-30 minute drive. Midway offers two Wasatch State Park golf courses, Wasatch Mountain and Soldier Hollow. Each place offers two 18 hole championship golf courses with spectacular views. Homestead Resort also offers an eighteen hole course open to the public in Midway. Located off of I-80 on the way to Park City you will find Mountain Dell, a Salt Lake City Public golf course with both an 18 hole Mountain and an 18 hole Lake course.


 If you prefer water activities, The Jordanelle State Reservoir …

When planning a holiday or business trip, one way of saving both time and money is to look online for package deals that combine flights and accommodation for a cheaper price than if you were to book them separately.

Package holidays have become extremely popular, as they take the hard work out of planning a vacation. The need to search for and book flights, accommodation and transfers separately is removed as a package means that everything is organized for you - and can be arranged in one simple booking.

Most traditional package deals are comprised of three main components: flights, accommodation and usually some form of transfer from the airport to your final destination. Then there are additional extras, such as activities plus food and drink, which can often be added to your travel package if you opt for all inclusive. With an non-inclusive holiday, it may be difficult to ascertain the exact prices of food, drink and local services before you reach your destination; And whilst you may find some bargains, you could end up getting worn out by unexpected high prices.

Package deals can be found in almost all areas of the travel industry, from beach holidays to business trips. Take, for example, ski vacations; This type of trip is typically made up of more components than the average holiday, as you'll have to factor in ski or snowboard equipment hire, lift passes and ski lessons, in addition to flights, accommodation and transfers. But with a package deal, all this is taken care of.

Package deals also have the advantage of being completely transparent in cost. You know exactly what you're paying for, and how much each individual component will cost - before you travel.

When it comes to planning a trip, package deal companies do the vast majority of the work for you. And because they deal with high volumes of customers, they can usually get the lowest prices - then, allowing you to access cheap deals without having to spend hours hunting around for bargains yourself. What's more, it's possible to find a flight and hotel package deal for almost any destination of the world - so all you have to do is take your pick!

So while you're heading out to the Himalayas for the trekking trip of a life time, off on a romantic break for two, or even just planning a business trip, remember that package trips can be a great way of saving you both time and Money. …

Although it is advisable that you book at least two weeks before your flight, many people find it difficult to get time out of their busy schedule and search for cheap airfare way in advance. No need to worry; Good news for busy people out there: you can now find the cheapest last-minute airfare deals online! Yes, it's as easy as that. With so many airlines and online travel consolidators, there's a lot of competition going on and they all keep offering special last-minute packages that are too inexpensive to miss. Let's find out how you can find such deals.

Last-minute special deals are not offered by all airlines so you need to keep an eye open to learn whenever such a package is offered by an airline. Internet is the best way to start off. See if the airline you had in mind has this special offer on their list. Also, keep in mind that last-minute seats are limited and they are sold off as soon as a customer is found. This is the main reason why people do not like to consider this option as a cheap way of traveling. But do not lose hope, if you really do want to avail this great opportunity then keep looking. There are websites out there that help you narrow down your search by entering some additional information, like departure city, arrival city and your preferred airline. They then find the best deal that fits your search criteria.

Last-minute deals are best to take advantage of at night or in the early hours of morning. That is because at that time airlines are trying to sell off all their tickets of a flight so that no seat is left without a passenger. That is the reason why they sell these tickets at very low prices as compared to the normal airfare. If you are traveling alone then waiting for last-minute reservation will not be a problem for you. However, it may become difficult with a family because you are not sure whether you are going to find as many seats as you require. Then there's always a chance that you might not get a good deal after all.

It's better to keep at least 2 or 3 airlines in mind if you are considering getting last-minute seats. You can find out more information on Travelocity.com and 11thhourvacations.com. These sites will provide you information not only on available last-minute packages but also on the benefits of such deals. Last-minute deals let you save up to 70% on airfare! Such kinds of deals are now so popular that these tickets are sold off two weeks before the flight. If you do not have time to book in advance then you can buy last-minute tickets 3 hours before departure.

Another way of finding cheap last-minute deals is to get on websites like Priceline.com. Here you will be able to provide information on what kind of package you are looking for and your destination location …

Hawaii activities and guided tours can provide you with some of the best moments of your vacation in Hawaii. You will need a boat or a helicopter to visit various spots on the chain of Hawaiian islands. It is not possible to drive from one island to the next. Searching for helicopters is a difficult task as not every one owns them. Tour packages include sightseeing using a boat or helicopter which other wise is not possible.

The typical person on a Hawaii vacation wants to relax and tour the islands, and does not have to be making arrangements for boats and helicopter rides. Arranging these tours ahead of time only takes a little bit, especially when you use the phone or internet. If you are not sure what tours to go on, most travel agents or concierges at hotels can give you some great ideas.

Each island of Hawaii has a special unique character. If you have seen just one island of Hawaii, you have not seen all of them. There are wonderful experiences of tours which one should always remember. Beautiful mountains, great virgin jungles and ocean will make your breath just stop!

If you are interested in taking a vacation where you can have great views of the ocean as well as other islands, then a Kauai vacation is for you. Kauai is located to the east of the rest of the Hawaii chain islands, including Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the Big Island. You can see them all from Kauai. Many visitors to Kauai say that that is their favorite island and visit there often.

A Hawaii vacation is all about an island paradise. Have no fear, every possible luxury has been gathered for your pure delight. This is not like a television show where you are forced to survive without the basics. You'll never want to leave.

Pure, exotic scenery surrounds you. Crystal waters lap at your feet, and you enjoy endless vistas of lush valleys and majestic volcanoes. Plentiful fishing, swimming, and diving experiences are right outside your door. If you need to take a breath and just relax, peaceful beachfront walks and undisturbed sun tanning may be just the thing for you. Romantic venues of all kinds are available on your Hawaii vacation. …

It is the time of the year when we all start thinking about a vacation. The economy is tough and money is an issue for all of us. But you still want to book a family vacation. Even if this is a last minute decision for you do not worry there are many cheap or as I like to call them, inexpensive travel packages for hotels, flights and inclusive packages. In this article I would like to highlight some of the best way you can search for a cheap family vacation.

First, if you can plan ahead this is usually the best way to get a great deal. If planning early is out of question some travel groups offer great deals for last minute travel. Also if trips have not been purchased early you may find price wars between different tour groups.

Second, the internet is a wonderful source to search for vacation deals. You can look at many more deals than you could have ever viewed before in a shorter amount of time. Many agencies even offer internet deals. The internet is a great place to start your search. It can give you a great frame of reference.

Third, many people do not realize that the travel section of your newspaper is a great source of information. Many airlines and travel groups still advertise in local newspapers. So checking your local paper often is a good idea.

Fourth, you may want to go directly to the airlines and hotels directly, many of them are offering great deals that are not published anywhere. Do not be shy about asking for a deal.

Lastly, travel agents located in brick and mortar buildings are still a wonderful source of information. Many have relationships with airlines and hotels and get outstanding deals and will pass them on to you. So do not ignore a method that has been successful for so long. …

For most people in America, European vacation is a dream. It's usually not affordable and destinations are always confusing. For those who take the plunge and decide to go, where and what to see is the next problem. An simple solution is to book a package trip to Europe. With all-inclusive packages people can pick locations, avoid the stress of putting together everything themselves and just get on with enjoying their trip.

European vacation packages are a wonderful method to see a ton of places sans the hassle of planning. The most basic tour will include hotel, transportation and an itinerary of things to do on a daily basis. More elaborate packages include dining at some of Europe's best restaurants, escorted sightseeing which can be helpful in non-English speaking countries, and special trips to out of the way places - all with the peace of knowing that the traveler is not alone in a foreign country.

These packages can be in one country in Europe or a "discovery" tour where several countries or cities can be visited over a span of days or weeks. There are many different companies available with a diverse selection of specialty tours, each focusing on a particular area or type like cooking, art and wine tasting to name a few.

Why Booking A Package Tour Could Be Perfect In Europe

There are a number of advantages to booking a European package versus traveling solo. The most obvious benefit is that planning all your stops is taken care of by the tour agency. For a lot of travelers, the planning stage is considered the most stressful. Secondarily, with all-inclusive European vacations, everything is done for you which allows you to enjoy your vacation unencumbered by worrying about the details. There is also usually a significant savings realized over traditional vacationing.

Because tour companies are booking for groups of people, they can negotiate sizable discounts which are then passed on to the tour participants. Native tour guides are another big reason that distinguishes tour companies services from traditional bookings. Often the guides are residents of the region, speak English and can give you unique insights about the area that only a local guide can offer.

Non-Traditional Travel Packages To Europe

Many of the travel packages are designed around a country or countries. You select a region that you are interested in, pick the number of days you want to stay and the tour company handles the rest. Most package tours have cute names like "A Taste of Italy" or "European Holiday". The non-traditional tour packages actually focus on some of the regions famous offerings including cooking or wine tasting tours and some are activity driven including hiking, boating and golf packages which are location centric.…

Are you thinking about taking a small ship cruise and looking for a truly memorable vacation experience? A Panama Canal cruise on a small cruise ship combines a touch of the exotic along with the opportunity to see one of the world's engineering marvels. In this article, you will learn about the history of the Panama Canal, what you can expect to see on your cruise and what makes experiencing this cruise aboard a small ship the perfect vacation

Originally built to reduce the time for large sea going vessels to cross from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans, the Panama Canal is today a major shipping channel used by over 13,000 ships per year. Prior to the Panama Canal being built, the only option for ships navigating from San Francisco to New York was to sail around the tip of South America via Cape Horn a 14,000 mile journey.

Today, over one million vacationers cruise the Panama Canal year after year and continues to be probably the most well-known cruise selections for Central America. So what makes this cruise stand out? There are numerous things. First is the canal itself. The Panama Canal is often referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World and is truly an engineering marvel. Boats transit the canal through a set of locks - the Gatun, Pedro Miguel and Miraflores. The locks lift the ships from sea level up to 85 feet and then slowly lowers the ship using a series of water chambers and gravity. By using the three locks, the ship is lifted a total of 170 feet when traveling from one ocean to the other.

Next, this cruise will take you through the very heart of Central American, filled with tropical rain forest and exotic jungle wildlife. There are several cruise itineraries readily available, but for the traveler trying to find an additional touch of adventure or just an off-the beaten-path cruise experience, cruising the Panama Canal aboard a small expedition ship is the way to go.

What makes small ship, expedition cruises different? Small ships can go to out of the way places the larger ships can not. This allows for exploration of tiny ports and remote locations. Small ships often use Zodiacs, inflatable motorized rafts, to carry guests to secluded beaches and other undiscovered spots.

Expedition cruises feature lectures relating to local wildlife, background and culture. A small ship also means a far more intimate atmosphere, more personal service and also less formality. T-shirts and shorts are the norm here, which means you can leave your cocktail dresses and tuxedos at home. …

Economical International flights and cheap Airfares on national flights is what have been offered to the air travelers since 1995 online. That was not a usual process and was only some special sites where the information and the facilities were available. The specialty of these online reservations are that it mixes the multiple airfare varieties that the domestic and international airlines provide and unite them to endow our clients with the cheapest international flights and domestic discount airfares that can be availed. Always remember, to discover the inexpensive international flights and national airframes, if you are keen to book everyday departure and return dates and book early.

Student Flights International and Domestic
There are special concessions available for the students who are regularly going abroad for their education for some other purposes. The low priced international flights for students are suitable in both directions. It also offers great domestic discount airfares on student domestic flights.

Cheap Flights -
There is lots of information available on cheap flights online and the facility is available all seven days of the week and the entire day. The economic international flights to Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, the Far East and the Middle East are being operated by some of the most excellent airline carriers in the world. When you carry out a search for cheap flights and national discount airfares, you'll see all the most important airlines cheap flights listed in order of cost. You can make your cheap international flights airline bookings for one of these chief carriers through these online sites.

How to search for cheap on line tickets
On all the sites there is a search box and by just a mouse click you can find inexpensive airline tickets for international or domestic flights. Unlike most other cheap airfare hunt and travel organizations, these online ticketing will not ask you for your life history and deepest thoughts. These travel sites are devoted to finding you the economic international airframes and domestic discount flights from as many airfare resources as possible.

How to book online tickets
Once you have come across the right cheap flights or domestic discount airfares for your journey, you can either reserve the tickets online or take out the print out or call them on the number available on the site. After purchasing your cheap airline tickets, they will send you a verification email that offers you all your flight details. These sites process your tickets as soon as your billing information is complete. …

It is important to know that when you are searching for cheap airline tickets that you should look in advance to save money. Usually you can find the cheapest airframes when you book your flight 30 days or more in advance. There are also other ways that you can find inexpensive tickets and one of those ways are searching late at night or early in the morning. By doing this you will find that many of the companies try to sell tickets cheaper during these hours. When you are planning a vacation one of the most expensive parts of your trip can be the cost of airfare.

You should always try to purchase your tickets in advance if you want to save money. Sometimes this can be hard to do because you may not know the times and days that you are going to leave and return. It is also a good idea to search the airline's websites directly because in many cases they will offer great bargains when you look with them. Right now is a great time to buy airline tickets because most of the air lines are having a price war and tickets are lower than they have been for a long time. This is good for you because you can save a lot of money by looking now.

Remember if you do your homework you can save a lot of money on your airfare ticket. It is important that you try to plan early and make sure you book your ticket in advance that way you save money. Make sure you take advantage of the airlines price wars that are going on on current because this is a great way for you to get a take it at a low price. …

Among many American tourists destinations like Florida and Caribbean are the most thoughtful after during winter times to catch fun in the sun-filled beaches and during summer vacations Europe is the preferred choice for many. To find cheap airfares to any city or destinations has become much easier now. The Internet now provides numerous resources in finding cheapest airline tickets, cruises, hotels, vacations, and rental cars.

There are a few things to keep in mind while searching for cheap flights that may save you a good amount of money.

Buying in advance is one option and looking for last minute deals has its own charm but that cheap fares may or may not be available at times.

The best time to buy airline tickets is just after midnight on Tuesdays or midnight to 1 a.m Wednesday morning. This is due to the airlines keep juggling with the prices based on the seats sold and unsold on particular date or flights. Monitoring of day-to-day air bookings is their prime function. Each airline has their own fare algorithm to fix the air ticket prices.

Another options are to sign up with your favorite airlines for email alerts or newsletters so you are always update on latest travel deals.

As the price of airline tickets keeps going up and up due increase in fuel cost, may airlines are hard pressed but at the same time no one wants to go seats empty and loss of revenue. As such they keep offering cheapest airline tickets. More so, all low-fare carriers who are now setting the bar for cheap tickets and traditional airlines often have to match low prices.

Buying cheapest airline tickets from consolidators is another option as they buy airline tickets in bulk and sell them at a discounted rate to help airlines fill seats up. You can find ticket consolidators in your newspaper's travel section or online. Using a consolidator travel ticket, one can save between 10 and 70% or more off the airlines' published retail airfares. …